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All Across Africa : Developments in Rwanda and Kenya, amid WHO concerns over Covid-19 tests


>> WHO :  There is a certain underestimation of cases ”  in Africa

“We think that there is a certain underestimation of cases [in Africa],” the regional director of the W.H.O told a news conference.

Matshidiso Moeti added, “ As Africa opens its airspace, we need strong Covid-19 response measures to effectively detect, monitor & manage possible surges in infections. The risks of flare-ups can’t be reduced to zero, but minimized to allow safe air travel.

The continent has registered 414 011 confirmed coronavirus cases with 10 260 deaths, while 196,944 patients have recovered, according to Africa CDC.

>> Random Covid-19 testing in Rwanda

Police are randomly stopping people in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, seeking their consent for coronavirus testing”, the BBC wrote.

According to Rwandan health authorities the exercise “will provide factual information about the Covid-19 status in the capital”.

Officials in Kigali told the BBC that they will be focusing on morning hours as people go to work and in the evenings as they return home.”

Some are however complaining that they are being forced to consent to the testing.”

>>  Locusts threaten Kenya’s food supply

“Desert locusts continue to threaten Kenya’s food supply after invading the north-western part of the country by the millions”, Africanews says.

“The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations works with Kenyan logisticians to search for and monitor dense areas of locust invasions in the country’s desert.”

“Among them, Boris Polo and his team are using GPS data to spray blocks long before they are ripe enough to fly or lay eggs,” according to Africanews.

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